29 September 201715:38

Comment by the Information and Press Department on US Defence Secretary James Mattis’s statement about repercussions of alleged Russian arms deliveries to the Taliban movement


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We have noted US Secretary of Defence James Mattis’s reply to a provocative question at a September 27 news conference in Kabul regarding alleged Russian arms deliveries to the Taliban movement. His reply is a warning against supporting terrorism.

US generals continue their faulty practice of propping up the issue of mythical Russian assistance to the Taliban militants. At the same time, these statements are not backed by any evidence whatsoever. Incidentally, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, who attended the news conference, has already admitted publicly that the alliance lacks any evidence confirming any assistance to the Taliban movement by Moscow. Therefore, we consider any hints at repercussions in connection with aiding terrorists to be all the more inappropriate.

One gets a strong impression that US attempts to slander Russia in the Afghan context are being made to distract the international community from its own numerous mistakes made during the 16-year mission in Afghanistan. At the same time, we have so far failed to receive answers to our questions regarding the flights of “unidentified” aircraft supporting ISIS and other terrorist groups in Afghanistan’s air space controlled by the US and NATO.

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