17 December 201414:56

Comment by Foreign Ministry Spokesman Alexander Lukashevich on Chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence of the US Congress Mike Rogers’ remarks regarding the purpose of the missile “shield” at Deveselu


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Moscow has noted the "revelations" by Mike Rogers, Chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence of the US Congress, who recently visited Romania as head of a group of congressmen. Speaking on the TV network Realitatea, Washington's high-ranking representative admitted that the interceptor missiles due to be deployed at the US missile-defense base in Deveselu by the end of 2015 are directed against certain "threats" from Russia, among others.

Therefore, the US lawmaker has confirmed Moscow's long-running doubts that the "missile shield," which is being developed by the United States, is aimed only at targets that are officially declared by Washington.

We would like to note that the role assigned to Romania in servicing the new American creation is hardly as respectable as it is being presented. Bucharest's involvement in another US project, confirmed recently in the US Senate report on torture used at "CIA secret prisons" on the territory of other countries, has already put Romanian representatives, who have to eloquently evade questions from journalists, in a rather embarrassing situation.

We are confident that the steps towards the further militarisation of Southeastern Europe, including the deployment of missile defense elements in Romania, are at odds with the interests of regional and European security and stability.


17 December 2014

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