16 September 201413:58

Comment by the Information and Press Department of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding the unionist statements by the Romanian Prime Minister with regard to the Republic of Moldova


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Moscow is concerned by the statements of the Romanian Prime Minister, Victor Ponta, regarding the future of the Republic of Moldova made on the 14 September during his meeting with activists of the Romanian Social and Democratic Party in Alba Iulia. The open appeal of the candidate for presidency of Romania to "perform the second great merger by 2018" clearly confirms that certain political circles in Bucharest still have annexationist plans with regard to their neighbour, a sovereign and neutral country.

We believe that it is irresponsible and unacceptable to spread such statements from outside during the start of the electoral campaign in the Republic of Moldova. We expect that the authorities in Kishinev will provide an adequate assessment of these statements. We also expect to hear a respective reaction from Brussels and other European capitals.

16 September 2014

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