9 February 201718:16

Comment by the Information and Press Department in response to a media question regarding anti-government protests in Romania


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Like the majority of Romania’s neighbours, Russia has been closely monitoring developments in that country’s capital and certain other cities.

The scale and confrontational nature of the mass anti-government protests that have been going on since January 22, 2017, cannot but arouse concern.

We express confidence that amid the mounting tensions spilling into the streets of cities, the Romanian leadership will find ways to prevent the divide in society from deepening and resolve the current complicated situation on the basis of the Constitution and laws of Romania. We proceed from the premise that the acute differences between opposing political forces can only be solved through political and democratic means.

It appears Romanian leaders got so carried away with creating a mythical image of the enemy – Russia – that they overlooked severe problems in their own country that the current situation has brought into focus.   

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