8 April 201515:21

Reply by Foreign Ministry Spokesman Alexander Lukashevich to a reporter’s question regarding Romania’s measures to ensure the deployment of US and NATO forces on its soil


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Question: Could you comment on the measures taken by Romania to ensure the deployment of US and NATO forces on its soil?

Alexander Lukashevich: We noted Bucharest’s accelerated moves to lift legislative restrictions on the deployment of foreign armed forces on the country’s territory, in particular the parliamentary decision to lift the limitations on the presence of US servicemen in Romania. The Romanian Government is drafting a bill on stationing, transit and operations with the participation of foreign armed forces, including a simplified procedure for crossing the state border.

Essentially, the country is being gradually turned into yet another US and NATO base near Russian borders. We have more than once commented on such steps by a number of NATO states, noting their confrontational character and stressing that they are absolutely uncalled for and excessive both militarily and financially. After all, it is perfectly obvious that Russia poses no threat to either Romania, or any other country. Meanwhile, the claims that these measures that are being taken are purely in defense against the so-called “threat from the East” do not hold water.

It is hard to avoid the conclusion that, in the interest of raising their own “profile” in the eyes of strategists across the ocean, the Romanian authorities, who are blatantly flouting their commitments under the NATO-Russia Founding Act of 1997 on the non-deployment of “substantial combat forces” on the territory of new members of the alliance, are ready, for tactical purposes, to sacrifice the interests of maintaining stability in the Black Sea region.


April 8, 2015

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