10 August 201515:42

Comment by the Information and Press Department on Norway’s measures to limit access to Svalbard Archipelago


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On August 7, Norway issued a temporary instruction on the deportation from the Svalbard Archipelago of people included in the UN Security Council’s sanction lists and individuals whose international travel is restricted. Apparently, the latter category includes those who are covered by the EU’s anti-Russian sanctions.

These actions by Norway do not correspond with the spirit of international cooperation on Svalbard on the basis of the relevant 1920 Treaty. We resolutely protest this unfriendly action and demand the immediate revision of the introduced restrictions.

The Russian side also emphasises that this measure taken by the Norwegian authorities affects not only the interests of Russia but also all other parties to the 1920 Treaty, without the consent of which Norway has no right to impose restrictions on the international-treaty-established free access to the archipelago.


August 10, 2015

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