26 May 201720:14

Comment by Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova on the Iraqi civilian victims of Western coalition strikes


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Moscow is seriously concerned over the reported facts of mass deaths of Iraqi civilians as a result of the incessant bombings by the United States and its allies in the anti-ISIS coalition. The scale of the human toll is shocking.

For instance, Washington belatedly published admissions by the US military command of the simultaneous death of over a hundred civilians in Mosul’s Al-Jadida District on March 17 as a result of the US air strike on residential areas. Some media write that up to 200 civilians were killed. And this is just a regular episode of the contactless war that the Americans are conducting in Iraq and neighbouring Syria. This is confirmed by the recent death of 35 local residents in Syria’s border town of Mayadin. There were women and children among them as in Mosul.

The statistics of Iraqi civilian deaths quoted by the US military as a result of bombing and heavy weapons attacks carried by the coalition gives rise to many logical questions. They quote the figure of 352 dead Iraqis, but the real figures are entirely different. Thus, the British monitoring group Airwars speaks about at least 3,100 dead civilians. This is eight times more than mentioned in the weary confessions of the Americans that continue to embellish the ugly reality of Iraqi events in cooperation with their Western allies.

We express our condolences over the death of Iraqi civilians and reaffirm our solidarity with the leaders and people of Iraq, a friendly country that is undergoing hard times. We are ready to continue rendering efficient aid to Baghdad in the uncompromising struggle against the terrorist threat regardless of its sources.

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