27 September 201718:01

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s opening remarks at the meeting with Israeli Minister of Environmental Protection and Jerusalem Affairs Zeev Elkin, Moscow, September 27, 2017


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Good afternoon, Mr Elkin, friends.

We are glad to welcome you at Russia’s Foreign Ministry.

First, I would like to wish you a happy New Year, according to the Hebrew calendar. As far as I remember, the beginning of year 5778 is being celebrated.

I appreciate very much that you’re taking part in this meeting at the Foreign Ministry as you are visiting Moscow to hold a regular meeting of the Intergovernmental Commission for Trade and Economic Cooperation jointly with Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich.

Certainly, Mr Elkin, your portfolio includes important international issues. It is the issue of Jerusalem in the first place. It would be important to continue the talks on Middle East affairs which are regularly held by President Vladimir Putin and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, including during their latest meeting in Sochi.

In conclusion, I would like to say I enjoyed watching a football match with you yesterday, during which my favourite team, Spartak, showed its fighting spirit.


Sergey Lavrov (speaking after Zeev Elkin): I am now going through in my mind the list of UN member states, and, admittedly, I cannot name a single country with which Russia shares 100 percent of its position on international issues, the way it does with Israel.


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