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9 October 201220:16

Comment of the Information and Press Department of the MFA of Russia on the statements of the Director General of the IAEA Y. Amano that the Agency and Iran will not be able to hold the next round of negotiations in October this year


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We unalterably support the continuation of contacts between Tehran and the IAEA aimed at immediate solution of all remaining issues regarding Iran's Nuclear Programme (INP), we stated that, in particular, at the meeting for INP at the level of foreign ministers on 27 September in New York. As it is known, Russia is among co-authors of the resolution on the situation around INP adopted on 13 September at the regular session of the Board of Governors of the IAEA, the content of which is aimed at encouragement of intensification of dialogue between Iran and the Agency.

We hope that both parties will follow the corresponding decisions of the IAEA Board of Governors and will shortly resume the constructive dialogue for the purpose of restoration of the international confidence in absolutely peaceful character of Iran's Nuclear Programme.

9 October 2012




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