7 December 201210:14

Comment of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia S. V. Lavrov for the Russian media on the results of the trilateral meeting with the U.S. Secretary of State H. Clinton and Joint Special Representative of UN / LAS on Syria L. Brahimi, Dublin, December 6, 2012


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We agreed that the basis of all our actions, and ideally joint actions - should be the Geneva communique. In this we have complete unity with the United States and L. Brahimi. At the same time we discussed the current situation and concluded that the participants of «Action Group on Syria» may try to implement what was agreed on June 30 of this year in Geneva.

For obvious reasons Russia and the United States are aware of their special responsibility for maintaining of international stability. And this aspect is particularly emphasized by L. Brahimi, who believes that Moscow and Washington could try to play the proactive role in the implementation of the practical ways of ensuring of the Geneva accords. He presumes from the fact that Russia and the United States could support its intention in the dialogue with the authorities and the opposition to try to see what in practical terms can be achieved for the implementation of the Geneva compromise knowing that there is only one chance, and it is not one hundred percent.

Russia and the United States have agreed in the coming days to hold the meeting of their experts with L. Brahimi and his people for «brainstorm» and exchanging of views on how to move forward in the direction of the regulation, with the Geneva document on the table, and understanding the real situation in Syria and around it. The thing is to reinforce the intention of L. Brahimi to start substantive discussion with the government and all key opposition groups.

I would not make optimistic predictions, but I want to say that we felt unjustified to deny the request of the joint special representative of UN / Arab League on Syria on the meeting. The similar position is held by the United States. I repeat that nothing is predetermined - the point is to try to contribute to the search for ways of implementing of the Geneva agreements. What happens – we will see.

December 7, 2012

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