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21 September 201711:19

Comment by the Information and Press Department regarding statements by the Press Service of the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry


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We have taken note of the latest statement made by Hikmat Hajiev, Head of the Press Service of the Foreign Ministry of Azerbaijan, on the court decision to abolish the All-Russian Azerbaijani Congress. It is a fact that this non-governmental organisation has been shut down for numerous violations of federal legislation.

We have provided comprehensive explanations on this matter. However, Mr Hajiev continues to uphold the idea, which we consider strange, that this decision by a Russian court regarding a Russian public organisation is not just “an unfriendly step” towards Azerbaijan, but one that can somehow complicate Russia’s mediatory mission in the Nagorno-Karabkah settlement. Growing bewilderment is the only emotion this position provokes.

It appears that it would be advisable to reiterate the following.

Russia is a multinational democratic state where everyone’s rights are guaranteed and protected regardless of their ethnicity. Comprehensive conditions have been created in Russia for the establishment and full operation of cultural and ethnic public associations, the majority of which faithfully comply with Russian laws. The interests of ethnic Azerbaijanis in Russia are represented by over 260 NGOs, four of which operate at the federal level.

Russia values its strategic partnership with Azerbaijan. The policy of all-round strengthening of this partnership has been adopted and subsequently reaffirmed many times by President of Russia Vladimir Putin and President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev. Our countries have good potential for deepening their bilateral and international cooperation. Is it wise to darken this potential with far-fetched issues?

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