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20 September 201714:03

Comment by the Information and Press Department regarding the latest acts of vandalism at Soviet war memorials in the Polish cities of Sosnowiec, Warsaw and Olsztyn


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We are resolutely protesting in connection with the recent acts of vandalism at Soviet war memorials in Poland. Unidentified persons forcibly removed and stole a metal plate with the names of soldiers who were buried in the common grave in Sosnowiec (Silesian Voivodeship). Vandals attacked the Red Army cemeteries in Warsaw and in Olsztyn (Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship), where they defaced the tombs of those who died fighting Nazism so that others would live, including in Poland.

As the government in Warsaw looks on condescendingly and approves the demolition of Soviet/Russian memorials in Poland, such as the mausoleum on the common grave of Red Army soldiers in Trzcianka (Greater Poland Voivodeship), the number of such acts of vandalism is increasing exponentially, because those who commit them know that they will go unpunished.

We demand that the Polish authorities clean up the damage of these vandals’ glaring acts, restore the monuments, and identify and punish the guilty persons, as they should do under the Russian-Polish agreements on memorials or in keeping with human morals and Poland’s claims to be a civilised country.

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