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24 November 201312:30

Statement by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the results of the negotiations between the foreign ministers of the P5+1 international mediators and the Iranian delegation on the situation around Iran’s Nuclear Programme Geneva, 24 November 2013


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The negotiations on Iran's Nuclear Programme, which have just completed, allowed one of the major tasks in world policyto be resolved. The intensive efforts of delegations from the United Kingdom, Germany, China, Russia, the United States, France and Iran resulted in the development of a framework document. Its successful implementation will allow the removal of several serious concerns regarding the nature and target of Iran's works in the nuclear area. This document opens up prospects for the implementationin full scope of all the undeniable rights of the Islamic Republic of Iran as a member state of the Non-Proliferation Treaty.

This agreement is based on the concept formulated by the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. Its essence is the recognition of Iran's unconditional right to develop its peaceful nuclear programme, including the right to enrich uranium, if this programme is put under strict international control, and the lifting of all the sanctions in force against the Islamic Republic of Iran, including unilateral ones, the legitimacy of which we have never and will never acknowledge. The Geneva agreement is based on the principles of superposition and reciprocity, which we were the first to propose and which were finally generally acknowledged and supported.

The agreement reached envisages a significant easing of the regime of sanctions against Iran, which has been negatively affecting the social and economic position of this country for a long time.

The agreement envisages several specific measures to extend the transparency of Iran's Nuclear Programme, which will be undertaken in close interaction with the IAEA, within six months. In parallel with the implementation of the first priority steps, the work to coordinate the final comprehensive decision, which will end all the problems in connection with Iran's Nuclear Programme, will continue. We await understanding and support of these efforts from the entire international community.

The work was long and complicated, but common sense has finally prevailed. The GenevaResult is of benefit to everybody.

We are convinced that this solution will have a favourable effect on the situation in the Middle East region, will help to overcome the dangerous trend of the last few years, when we observed attempts to resolve several crisis and conflict situations using force. As a result of this, security in the region will increase, the foundations of a fair and balanced system of international relations, where there should be no place for pressure or dictatorial actions, will be reinforced. The solution we have found is also a contribution to the consolidation of the international legal foundations of modern world order.




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