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22 September 201512:07

Speech by Russian Ambassador-at-Large Grigory Berdennikov at the 59th IAEA General Conference on physical nuclear security, Vienna, September 18, 2015


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Thank you, Mr Chairman,

We regret that the co-authors of Resolution GC (59)/L.4/Rev.3 on physical nuclear security did not deem it possible to consider the position of the Russian delegation and included in the draft the second segment of the preamble’s Item 3, which links further progress in nuclear disarmament with physical nuclear security.

Our position on this issue is well known and consistent. We announced it during the international conference on physical nuclear security in July 2013, when we made the following reservation during the adoption of the conference’s final document:

“The linkage of physical nuclear security and international cooperation in this sphere to nuclear disarmament dynamics is unjustified and counterproductive. It is creating artificial obstacles in the way of efforts to consolidate physical nuclear security. Moreover, the Russian delegation would like to emphasise that nuclear disarmament is not mentioned either among the goals or among the functions of the IAEA that are listed in its Charter.

“Furthermore, issues concerning the physical nuclear security of nuclear materials and installations used militarily do not fall within the IAEA’s competence.”

We have not changed this position. In this context, we cannot accept the second segment of the said preamble’s paragraph and would like to ask you to submit it for separate voting, starting with the words “and stressing” and running until the end of the item.

We regret that our verbal reservations are apparently insufficient to take into account the position of our country. Thus, we have to register it by way of separate voting.

Thank you, Mr Chairman.




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