10 July 201613:03

Comment by Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova on the NATO summit in Warsaw


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Russia is analysing the decisions of the NATO summit that was held in Warsaw, Poland on July 8−9.

An initial review of the summit shows that NATO continues to live in a military-political alternative reality. Acting contrary to the objective interests of maintaining peace and stability in Europe and the need to combine the capabilities of all responsible international parties against very real modern challenges, the alliance has focused its efforts on containing an illusory “threat from the East.”

The deep divide between the NATO policy of strengthening the [eastern] flank when the enormous terrorist threat is coming from the south is evidence of the bloc’s disregard for the critical need to serve and protect the security of the people in the NATO member states.

Exaggerated attempts are being made to demonise Russia in order to justify the military measures taken by the bloc and to draw public attention away from the destructive role of the bloc and some of its allies in provoking crises and fanning tensions around the world.

At the same time, the alliance refuses to see the negative long-term consequences and risks for the system of Euro-Atlantic security that are coming from Washington and Brussels’ persistent efforts to change the balance of forces, which include the accelerated implementation of US-NATO ballistic missile defence plans in Europe.

We expect the bloc to explain its policy in these areas at the Russia-NATO Council meeting of permanent representatives on July 13. Considering the bloc’s declarations of peaceful aspirations, we would like to hear what Brussels thinks about the recent initiative of our Finnish partners, the so-called Niinisto plan to improve aviation safety over the Baltic Sea.

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