8 July 201613:00

First Deputy Foreign Minister Vladimir Titov’s answer to a question by Interfax ahead of upcoming Russian-Polish consultations


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Question: Russian-Polish consultations at a deputy foreign minister level are due to take place next week. Against the backdrop of the NATO summit in Warsaw and tough statements by the Polish leadership, what are your expectations for that meeting?

Vladimir Titov: Polish Deputy Foreign Minister Marek Ziolkowski will indeed come to Moscow to attend an international seminar. The meeting was requested by our Polish colleague and is scheduled for July 12. Pursuant to the results of the January consultations in Moscow, we are planning to ask the Polish side whether it still intends to resume dialogue, including the key mechanisms of Russian-Polish cooperation, of which they spoke earlier.

Moreover, no positive shifts in that direction have occurred since then. On the contrary, harsher anti-Russian rhetoric can be heard in statements by high-ranking Polish politicians. The “war” on Soviet war memorial heritage continues. Facts from our joint history are being distorted. The agreement on visa-free travel between the Kaliningrad Region and Polish regions has been suspended.

We, on our part, remain open, as before, to constructive dialogue in the interests of finding reasonable solutions to the problems that have accumulated through no fault of our own. 

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