4 July 201614:38

Deputy Foreign Minister Alexey Meshkov’s answer to a media question about prospects for holding a regular meeting of the Russia-NATO Council at the level of permanent representatives


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Question: There have been many comments both on the part of Russia and NATO about the possibility of convening the Russia-NATO Council’s regular ambassadorial meeting. When could it take place and what topics would be discussed during the meeting?

Alexey Meshkov: Consultations with NATO about the agenda and terms of the meeting are still ongoing. We do not rule out the possibility of convening the Russia-NATO Council soon after the upcoming NATO summit in Warsaw on July 8-9.

The key issue on the meeting’s agenda will be the decisions made at the NATO Warsaw meeting to reinforce the alliance’s eastern flank and their consequences for all aspects of European security. In the context of continued build-up of the US-NATO missile defence system in Europe, anti-missile issues will definitely be discussed. We are also planning to share our views on a number of other topical issues on the regional and international agenda.


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