7 September 201714:08

Press release on CSTO and CIS foreign ministerial consultations on the agenda of the 72nd UN General Assembly


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On September, 4 Moscow hosted the consultations of the chiefs of the relevant departments of the foreign ministries and embassy representatives of the CSTO member-states in the context of the agenda of the forthcoming 72nd UN General Assembly. On September 5, the CIS countries conducted consultations in the same format.

The participants expressed the need for the continued close interaction of the delegations and discussed issues of cooperation at the forthcoming UN General Assembly.

The participants in the CSTO consultations focused on cooperation and coordination of positions on the key issues of the forthcoming session, concerning the maintenance of peace and security, including the prospects for CSTO participation in UN peacemaking activities, on disarmament issues, the situation in Afghanistan and joint antiterrorist efforts in the UN, to name a few.

The participants emphasized the importance of coordinating drafts of joint statements as soon as possible for their subsequent adoption at the UN session.

At the CIS consultations the participants discussed non-proliferation and arms control, human rights issues, and noted the importance of mutual support for the candidates nominated for the election to the UN bodies. They also focused on urgent issues of economic cooperation, including the proposals of the Secretary-General to reform the system of the organisation’s development, laying emphasis on reviews of the proposals at the intergovernmental level. The participants also discussed a broad range of environmental issues, expressing interest in the development of partnership in this area, including the conduct of expert consultations.

The participants reaffirmed their commitment to joint actions in the UN, which will help the CIS to increase its potential for integration. 

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