10 February 201900:05

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s greetings on Diplomats’ Day, Moscow, February 10, 2019


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Today we will mark Diplomats’ Day. First of all, I would like to extend my heartfelt greetings on the occasion of our professional holiday to all our colleagues who work at the Central Office and on the “foreign policy frontline,” that is, our offices abroad.

This date is associated with the earliest thus far mention of Russia’s first permanent diplomatic service, the Ambassadorial Department, in the year 1549. However, our service is much older than that, of course, because our nation was an active and independent member of interstate relations from time immemorial, signing international treaties and creating unions with other nations.

Foreign service is a profession that requires the best of human qualities, extensive knowledge, as well as the ability to think broadly and to write skilfully. We are proud that the service always had real patriots and talented people with creative ideas. Many of them made an invaluable contribution to the strengthening of the Russian state and went down in the history of Russian culture.

Diplomatic service has never been a plum job. The protection of national interests is often a life-threatening career. On this day we also commemorate our colleagues who lost their lives defending the homeland and its interests. We will never forget them, and we are grateful to them for what they achieved.

Today the personnel of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs continues to build on and to strengthen the glorious traditions of our predecessors, working long hours, often away from their families in countries with adverse weather conditions amid military and political problems. Colleagues, your main responsibility is to implement the country’s foreign policy as approved by President Vladimir Putin and to strengthen its international prestige.

Our success is assured by the traditionally high level of public support for our foreign policy. I can say on behalf of the ministry personnel that in this complicated period of time we will continue to work coherently, showing initiative and doing our very best to ensure a safe and stable future, glory and prosperity for Russia.

In conclusion, I would like to wish the ministry personnel, their families and loved ones, as well as our veterans, good health, prosperity and success in their noble service to the homeland.

Friends, best regards on the occasion of our professional day!

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