23 January 201917:27

Press release on Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov’s participation in the Defence Ministry’s briefing on INF Treaty issues


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On January 23, the Defence Ministry held a briefing for military attaches from a number of countries and a demonstration of Russia’s 9M729 cruise missile at Patriot Park. The US groundlessly claims that the missile was developed in violation of the INF

The events were attended by Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov. In his speech he noted Russia’s unprecedented efforts to address both sides’ concerns over the INF Treaty on a reciprocal basis. Mr Ryabkov said that Russia voluntarily offered to present information to the US on the cruise missile that causes the biggest concern, despite being under no obligation to do so, in the form of a briefing and demonstration so as to convincingly refute accusations of Russia’s non-compliance with the treaty.

It was emphasised that Washington did not want to discuss this initiative and categorically rejected the possibility of reciprocal transparency. This unconstructive position illustrates once again how the US is trying to conceal from other members of the international community the truth about its position on the INF Treaty. Washington has made a political decision to dismantle the INF Treaty regardless of Russia’s actions.








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