6 December 201813:05

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s greetings to Organizers of and Participants in the VIII International Forum "Arctic: Today and the Future"


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I extend my cordial greetings to the organizers of and participants in the VIII International Forum "Arctic: Today and the Future".

Russia has consistently advocated solving the Arctic's pressing problems based on the principles of constructive dialogue and mutually beneficial cooperation to ensure the security and stability of the region's future.

Our discussion forum makes a valuable contribution to the establishment of a positive Arctic agenda and the promotion of Russian priorities in this area by bringing together those who care about the future of the Arctic. Recommendations developed by the forum are widely put into practice to achieve comprehensive development of the Arctic zone that belongs to the Russian Federation, preserve its unique ecosystems, and improve the quality of life of the Far North's population, including indigenous peoples.

I am confident that this meeting, just as the previous ones, will be held in a constructive spirit and will foster greater synergies between the State and civil society with a view to further unleashing the great potential of the Arctic territories.

I wish you fruitful work and all the best.




6 December 2018

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