9 October 201811:40

Opening remarks by Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov during a meeting with Slovakian Minister of Foreign and European Affairs Miroslav Lajcak, Moscow, October 9, 2018


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Minister Lajcak, Miroslav,

Colleagues, friends,

We are glad to welcome you to the Russian Federation, to these regular consultations at the level of foreign ministers. We value this opportunity to review how our relations are progressing, and they are progressing steadily in all areas. We maintain close political contacts and inter-parliamentary links. The trade and economic ties are also encouraging. During the first six months of this year, trade between our countries grew at a fast pace. Certainly, our humanitarian links, contacts between people and between civil societies are traditionally a big part of our relations.

Today’s meeting at the level of foreign ministers confirms our close cooperation in foreign policy, which allows us to compare our views, exchange opinions and better understand how we should proceed towards more extensive cooperation, not only on the bilateral basis but also between Russia and Europe. So I hope we will have a very productive discussion today.

Finally, please accept my congratulations on completing the presidency at the UN General Assembly, which was very highly assessed by all the participants.

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