3 September 201815:00

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova’s reply to a question from the Ridus online publication regarding the continued demolition of monuments to Soviet soldiers-liberators in Poland


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Question: Poland continues to demolish monuments to Soviet soldiers-liberators, and there are also plans to demolish a monument in the village of Starzynski Dwor. In this connection, we would like to ask whether the Foreign Ministry will take part in resolving this issue, and whether it will make an appeal to Polish authorities?

Maria Zakharova: We would like to thank the Ridus publication for its concern about the extremely acute issue of preserving the Soviet war-memorial heritage in Poland, including the alarming situation around a monument to Soviet prisoners of war in the village of Starzynski Dwor. The Foreign Ministry is focusing on this issue and making comprehensive efforts to counter Warsaw’s destructive policy aimed at rewriting 20th century history and downplaying the role of the Red Army in defeating Nazi Germany and liberating European nations.

We proactively respond to every case of blasphemy towards our monuments and graves in Poland, and we always demand that the authorities investigate such incidents and punish the culprits. We openly note the deleterious consequences of Poland’s “de-Communisation” policy under the guise of which the public space in the country is cleansed of undesirable war monuments. We consistently insist that Warsaw fulfil its international legal obligations in the military-memorial sphere to Russia.

We would like to note that the relevant joint efforts involving former Soviet republics are being made on the initiative of Russia, that the potential of the UN, the OSCE, the CIS and the CSTO is being utilised, and that the resources of NGOs and media outlets are also being used.

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