3 September 201813:46

Press release on developments in Libya


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Moscow continues closely watching the developments in Libya and its capital. Regrettably, far from being stabilised, the situation there is gravitating towards deterioration.

Recent serious clashes between different local groups in Tripoli have already taken a heavy casualty toll, including among civilians. According to incoming reports, heavy artillery was used in the fighting.

Moscow is seriously concerned over the new outburst of the internal strife in Tripoli. In this context, we again urge all conflicting sides to cease any combat operations and facilitate the restoration of peace in the capital and its suburbs and to do everything they can to prevent chaos in the country, which is fraught with disastrous consequences for the country’s statehood.

We are convinced that any disputed issues should be resolved through constructive dialogue at the negotiating table. First and foremost, all responsible forces in Libya that care about the country and the well-being of its people should pool their efforts to move towards a political settlement in line with the UN Plan of Action with prospects for presidential and parliamentary elections.


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