20 August 201820:15

Press release on the situation with Russian climbers killed and injured in the Pamir Mountains


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The Foreign Ministry continues to carefully monitor the developments around the Russian climbers killed and injured in the Pamir Mountains.

On the morning of August 17, the bodies of everyone killed in the Mi-8 helicopter crash (Alexander Abrosimov, Timur Barabanov and Ruslan Tarakanov) were sent to Moscow by Somon Air. The injured climbers (Sergey Matveyev and Andrei Rodygin) and Timur Barabanov’s sister also took this flight. Vyacheslav Trush also returned home.

Tatyana Gorbatyuk and Viktoria Dubina (both patients are in serious but stable conditions) as well as Alexander Sobolenko (moderate severity) remain in intensive care at the Istiqlol Hospital in Dushanbe. According to doctors, all the patients are showing improvement and recovering quickly.

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