7 August 201816:36

Press release on Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov’s meeting with a delegation of leaders from the Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine


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On August 7, Deputy Foreign Minister and Special Presidential Representative for the Middle East and Africa Mikhail Bogdanov received a delegation from the Islamic Jihad Movement headed by its Deputy General Secretary Ziyad al-Nakhalah.

The participants held a detailed exchange of views on a package of issues pertaining to the settlement of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, including developments on the Gaza Strip and around it. The Russian officials emphasised the need for an early achievement of pan-Palestinian accord in the framework of the Palestine Liberation Organisation, which is the only legal representative of the Palestinian people, as a necessary prerequisite for implementing their aspirations for an independent and territorially integral Palestinian state based on the relevant resolutions of the UN General Assembly and Security Council and the Arab Peace Initiative.

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