31 July 201820:06

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov's answer to a media question, Moscow, July 31, 2018


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Question: What can you tell us about the developments in Armenia, including the arrests?

Sergey Lavrov: When there was a political crisis in Armenia in May, we noted with great satisfaction that the solution to the crisis was found through a compromise involving the leading parties. We hoped that, based on this outcome, all the political forces, primarily the new Armenian government, would continue to promote unifying approaches and attempt to consolidate national consensus.

However, recent events have clearly run counter to such a positive outlook and to the new Armenian leaders’ recent statements to the effect that it does not plan to persecute its predecessors for political reasons.

As an ally, Russia has always been interested in stability in Armenia. So recent developments are a cause for concern, including from the point of view of normal operations of the CIS organisations, of which Armenia is a participant. Over the past few days we have brought our concerns to the attention of Armenia’s leaders on several occasions. We expect that the situation will nevertheless follow a constructive path.

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