9 June 201814:39

Comment by the Information and Press Department on reports of Australian military personnel committing crimes in Afghanistan


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We noted the recently leaked confidential report prepared by the Australian military command in 2016 on systematic, unsanctioned and illegal use of weapons, including against civilians, by Australian military personnel that are part of the coalition’s military contingent in Afghanistan.

In 2017, Australian Broadcasting Corporation reported shocking facts of cold-blooded murders committed by the Australian military in Afghanistan. The shooting of an Afghan boy in the Kandahar Province in September 2012 was widely covered.

It is worth noting that no one was punished for these crimes, and the Australian Department of Defence only expressed serious concern over the situation.

We condemn the actions of the Australian military and urge Australia’s and Afghanistan’s authorities to conduct an independent and impartial investigation of the crimes and bring the perpetrators to justice.

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