13 April 201819:28

Comment by the Information and Press Department on a shipment of Russian building equipment and materials for recovery needs in Syria


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On April 13, in the course of Russia’s consistent efforts to provide comprehensive humanitarian aid to the Syrian Arab Republic, representatives of the Russian Centre for the Reconciliation of Opposing Sides transferred a large shipment of construction and repair equipment and materials needed to rebuild the country.

Among the equipment provided to Syrians were lorries, mobile cranes, refuelling lorries, cisterns, power shovels, bulldozers and garbage trucks.

There were also pipes, cables, timber and particle boards.

At a time when life is returning to normal in communities in Eastern Ghouta after being liberated from terrorists, and civilians are ready to return to their homes without fear, it is especially important to make concerted efforts to rebuild the residential sector, infrastructure and facilities.

Russia backs up its words with deeds in these efforts, unlike others. We are convinced that the role of international organisations in assisting this work is especially important today. At the same time we cannot fail to see forces at work preventing UN bodies from joining consistent reconstruction efforts in areas liberated from terrorists. Among the tactics employed are red tape, unfair distribution of donations, and US and EU sanctions that considerably restrict potential UN humanitarian partners’ areas of work in this respect.


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