9 April 201815:31

Comment by the Information and Press Department on the developments around the Gaza Strip


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Since March 30, Palestinians have been holding a large public demonstration, the “Great Return March” – daily protests on the border with Israel.

According to available information, as a result of actions by the Israeli army that is trying to suppress these protests with gunfire and other means, 10 Palestinians have been killed, including one journalist and two teenagers on April 6-7, and over a thousand were poisoned with tear gas or wounded. In all, 30 Palestinians have been killed in two weeks of massive protests.

In addition, on the morning of April 9, the Israeli planes attacked facilities in Gaza with several rockets.

Considering the absolutely unacceptable use of indiscriminate force against civilians, we again call on the Palestinians and the Israelis to abstain from steps that will provoke the further escalation of dangerous tensions. Moscow supports the demands for an independent and transparent investigation into these incidents, as UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has urged.

In doing so we proceed from the premise that the root cause for the periodical outbursts of confrontation and violence has been and remains the absence of any progress towards a long-term and fair Palestinian-Israeli settlement. We are convinced that under the current conditions there is an unprecedented demand not only for urgent measures to stabilise the situation and deescalate tensions but also for specific political efforts aimed at achieving a sustainable peace between Palestinians and Israelis based on a relevant international legal foundation.


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