12 March 201819:03

Comment by the Information and Press Department on a statement by Prime Minister of Georgia Grigory Kvirikashvili


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Moscow paid much attention to the statement made by Prime Minister of Georgia Grigory Kvirikashvili on March 9. We are pleased about his intention to continue and deepen the process of bilateral normalisation. Nobody should doubt that, as before, Russia is interested in improving relations with neighbouring Georgia and is ready to do so to the extent that Georgia is prepared for this.

Mr Kvirikashvili’s mention of [Georgia’s] striving for progress at the Geneva discussions makes us hope for a constructive position from Georgia during the next round in late March. We are convinced that this approach will be supported by other participants in the talks regardless of who heads the Georgian delegation in Geneva.

We are bound to welcome the declared striving for direct dialogue with Abkhazia and South Ossetia. This is the only realistic road to settling issues that concern Georgia but go beyond the bilateral Russian-Georgian agenda. In particular, this applies to the recent regrettable incident with Georgian citizen Archil Tatunashvili.


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