11 January 201810:03

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova’s answer to a media question regarding the Moldovan law amending the Code of Television and Radio Broadcasting


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Question: What does the Foreign Ministry think about the law amending the Moldovan Code of Television and Radio Broadcasting signed by the Speaker of the Moldovan Parliament?

Maria Zakharova: On January 10, 2018, Moldovan Parliament Speaker Andrian Candu approved a law that actually prohibits the broadcasting of Russian news, information and analytical programmes in Moldova, despite the fact that President Igor Dodon had rejected this bill twice.

We note with regret that this act of outright discrimination against Russian media is yet another anti-Russia move by the ruling parliamentary majority in Chisinau and as such entirely consistent with its aims.

The fact that the Russia-hating forces in the Moldovan Parliament have yet again forced their will on the people and infringed on the fundamental right of free access to information shows that the country is moving further away from democratic norms and towards totalitarian methods of dealing with alternative views.

We confirm our commitment to the generally recognised principle of reciprocity in international relations and retain the right to take retaliatory measures.

We believe that a response to this situation should be provided not only by specialised international institutions such as the OSCE. We would like to hear the opinion of the official representatives of European organisations on whether the Moldovan authorities’ actions to purge the national information space conform to common European values.

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