26 December 201718:38

Comment by the Information and Press Department on Ukraine’s new entry procedure for Russian nationals


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In connection with reports circulated in the Ukrainian media about the country’s border service planning to apply new rules to citizens of the Russian Federation for crossing the state border into Ukraine from January 1, 2018, we have to say the following.

As follows from the Kiev authorities’ statements, Russian citizens entering Ukraine will be required to provide personal data to the Ukrainian authorities, including biometrics, as well as registration at the place of stay during the period of their trip and travel within Ukraine.

The Russian Foreign Ministry has repeatedly asked Kiev about the nature of the changes to the entry rules they announced, how the new rules will apply to Russian citizens, and their specific content. So far, we have not received any answer to these questions despite the provisions of the current intergovernmental agreement on mutual visa-free travel of 1997 and the principles of civilized communication between countries.

In connection with the above, citizens of the Russian Federation intending to visit Ukraine in the near future should take into account that when they pass Ukrainian border control they may have problems due to the new additional requirements of Ukraine’s State Border Service.

Taking into account Kiev’s unconstructive actions, and to avoid possible provocations, we recommend clarifying the terms and procedure for crossing the border at Ukrainian diplomatic and consular institutions before going to Ukraine.

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