9 August 201716:02

Deputy Director of the Information and Press Department Anastasia Fyodorova’s reply to a question from Rossiya Segodnya on the detention of Russians in Kosovo


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Question: Can you comment on the detention of six Russians by the Kosovo police?

Anastasia Fyodorova: This is what the Foreign Ministry can say about the detention by the Kosovo police on August 8 of six Russians and five Serbian nationals when crossing the administrative border between the Autonomous Province of Kosovo and the rest of Serbian territory.

The group was travelling in two cars from the city of Medveda (central Serbia) to the village of Medregovac (Autonomous Province of Kosovo). They took the road without an official checkpoint. Around 2 pm these persons were detained on Kosovo territory and taken to a police station in the city of Luzane. A diplomat from the Russian Embassy in Serbia was immediately dispatched there.

We have established the fact that the police have been treating the detainees correctly, and the procedural norms are being respected (free lawyers were invited, and an interpreter provided).

After being interrogated, the Russian nationals were handed out a warrant for their arrest for one day and documents explaining their civil rights. A court hearing will be held in Pristina.

The Foreign Ministry is keeping a close eye on the situation, and the Russian Embassy in Serbia remains intent on ensuring that the Russian citizens are released as soon as possible.

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