9 August 201712:45

Opening Remarks by the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov during the meeting with Secretary-General of ASEAN Lê Lương Minh, Jakarta, the 9th of August, 2017


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It is a pleasure to be in this building, in the headquarters of ASEAN – organization that contributed a lot and continues to contribute to the stability and cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region. It is indeed a very forthcoming and forward-looking organization that sets an agenda for many developments in security area, economic field, and, of course, in cultural, humanitarian and people-to-people contacts sphere as well.

We are glad that today we are present at the opening of the Permanent Mission of Russia to ASEAN to be headed by the Ambassador A.A.Ivanov whom you know very well. He is not foreign to Indonesia and used to serve as an Ambassador here for quite some time and knows very well the regional forum agenda, Russia-ASEAN agenda, East Asia Summit (EAS) and everything else which is happening around ASEAN and on the initiative of it. 

We appreciated the last three days spent in Manila at the events which ASEAN convenes annually. Indeed, as you said, Secretary-General, Russia-ASEAN ministerial meeting concluded with very important decisions - statement on combating international terrorism and a roadmap for the implementation of the recommendations of the ASEAN-Russia Eminent Persons Group, which were submitted last year to the presidents.

I think we are moving quite well in the direction of implementing all the agreements which were reached by our Presidents in Sochi in May 2016. This is guidance for years to come.

Once again, thank you for your hospitality. I look forward to our discussions.

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