19 June 201712:03

Press release on the approval of new election law by the Lebanese parliament


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On June 14, the government of the Republic of Lebanon adopted a new draft law on elections, which has been coordinated at numerous consultations between Lebanon’s leading political parties. It has been also agreed upon that the powers of the current Lebanese parliament will be extended by 11 months. On June 16, the majority of the Lebanese Parliament voted for the approval of these decisions.

Moscow welcomes this important move on the road toward stronger internal stability in friendly Lebanon and toward the full and final normalisation of operation of all branches of power and institutions in that country.

Russia has always stood for mending the social rift in Lebanon as soon as possible and for finding consensus decisions to guarantee equal rights and duties and comfortable conditions for all Lebanese citizens regardless of their nationality or religious beliefs.

We call on the Lebanese political forces to continue their movement toward a constructive and productive dialogue and to ensure that free and transparent parliamentary elections are held in the agreed timeframe in the interests of civil peace and accord and the successful achievements of Lebanon’s goals.

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