18 May 201716:15

Comment by the Information and Press Department regarding a media question about changes in the Hamas Palestinian movement


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To begin with, it should be pointed out that Russia has always stood for the restoration of Palestinian unity based on the PLO’s political platform and the Arab Peace Initiative. We are convinced that the settlement of intra-Palestinian differences will create the necessary conditions for finding a fair negotiated solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and for the implementation of the legitimate right of the Palestinian people to an independent state of their own.

In light of this, Moscow welcomes the changes that have happened with Hamas. We would like to remind you that Ismail Haniya was elected the new head of the movement’s Politburo in early May. At the same time, Hamas has published its new political programme, which was adopted after lengthy consideration.

We regard some provisions of the new Hamas charter, in particular the possibility of a Palestinian state within the 1967 borders, as moving in the right direction. We believe that the goal of Palestine’s national unity implies that Hamas and other Palestinian groups should take further steps in this spirit.

Russia will continue supporting the Palestinians in every possible way when it comes to this matter.

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