20 April 201718:02

Comment by the Information and Press Department regarding the desecration of the central Soviet military memorial in Budapest


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Recently, the central Soviet military memorial on Szabadsag Square in Budapest’s heart was desecrated. The criminals doused the monument with paint, broadcasting their outrageous actions via the internet.

We would like to note the prompt reaction of Hungarian law enforcers, who detained the vandals at the crime scene. Their names are known – these are local liberal activists with anti-government views who do not shy away from any methods, even the most blasphemous, for self-promotion. They have already publicly apologised for what they did.

Whatever explanation is sought by those who encroach on the memory of the Soviet liberator soldiers’ heroism, such incidents should not go unpunished, especially against the backdrop of the wave of historical revanchism that Russophobic forces are trying to raise in Europe. 

We expect that the Hungarian authorities will take all the necessary measures to ensure the inviolability of the Soviet/Russian memorial heritage in this country in accordance with bilateral intergovernmental agreements regulating this sensitive sphere.

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