20 April 201712:04

Comment by the Foreign Ministry Press and Information Department on the desecration of a monument to General Nikolai Vatutin by Ukrainian nationalists in Kiev


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On April 19, a group of thugs from pro-fascist Ukrainian radical nationalist National Corps (successors to the Azov punitive battalion) attempted to desecrate a monument to Nikolai Vatutin, erected on the general’s grave in central Kiev.  

Today’s generation of Ukrainian neo-nationalists hate the name General Vatutin, who died in 1944 at the hands of bandit followers of Stepan Bandera, and are driven by the low desire to blacken the feats of a hero who liberated Ukraine’s people from Nazi enslavement.

It is particularly outrageous that this act took place as we prepare to celebrate Victory Day. We are sure that despite the current regime’s vain efforts, May 9 remains a great celebration for millions of people in Ukraine.

We call on the Ukrainian authorities to take the necessary measures to protect from desecration the memory of those who saved the world from the fascist plague.

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