7 November 201721:22

Comment by the Information and Press Department on developments around Yemen


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According to media reports, a ballistic missile was launched November 4 from the Republic of Yemen’s Houthi (Ansar Allah Movement) controlled territory towards the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Kingdom’s air defence force intercepted the missile as it was approaching its target, Riyadh International Airport. This missile strike produced no casualties or damage.

Houthi leaders claimed responsibility for this attack and noted that it had been made in retaliation for the recent large-scale air strikes by the Saudi Arabia-led “Arab coalition” directed against the Sanaa and Saada Province in northern Yemen. For their part, Saudi Arabia authorities claim that Ansar Allah perpetrated this “act of aggression” on orders from Tehran. Iranian leaders emphatically deny these accusations.

In response, the “Arab coalition” has stepped up missile and air strikes against Sanaa. On November 6, the “Arab coalition” established an indefinite air, land and sea blockade of all Houthi-controlled Yemen areas. The flight ban now covers all UN flights delivering humanitarian relief aid.

Moscow is deeply concerned about these developments, which are frought with the escalation of hostilities, additional civilian casualties and the further aggravation of the critical humanitarian situation in the Republic of Yemen. It is clear that this scenario runs counter to what is needed to reach an early and long-lasting resolution of the Yemeni conflict, and delays any effort to restore stability and national accord in the country.

In this connection, we confirm our principled position in favour of ending the armed confrontation in Yemen as soon as possible and overcoming regional disputes through UN-mediated talks based on a broad consensus between the main Yemen political forces. For its part, Russia will continue to assist any efforts to achieve this goal.


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