3 October 201717:56

Press release on the terrorist attack in Damascus


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On October 2, a major terrorist attack took place in Damascus. Suicide bombers attacked a police station in the al-Midan district of the capital: one managed to detonate at the entrance to the building, while the other was taken out by return fire from the police. The terrorist attack claimed the lives of at least 15 people, including 5 policemen.

We strongly condemn this heinous crime. We express our deepest sympathies to the families of the deceased and wish a speedy recovery to those injured. We are extremely concerned about the recent spike in attempts by extremists to obstruct efforts to strengthen the ceasefire, normalise the situation in Syria, render the necessary assistance to the affected population and rebuild critical civil infrastructure in the country.

Russia will continue, in coordination with the Syrian Government, its resolute fight against terrorism in Syria. We urge all international partners to take seriously the threat of terrorism and radicalism in the Middle East region and to join efforts in an uncompromising struggle against this universal evil in accordance with the norms of international law and the provisions of the UN Charter.

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