22 February 201718:44

Press release on the opening of the 34th session of the UN Human Rights Council


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On February 27, the 34th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council will get underway.

The programme includes a high-level segment, a high-level discussion on considering human rights in all aspects of the UN activities and panel discussions on the death penalty, the impact of climate change on human rights, rights of disabled persons, children’s rights, migrants’ rights, combating racial profiling, access to medicines and the prevention of maternity mortality.

The participants will consider a wide range of human rights topics, including the observance of human rights in the fight against terrorism, the prevention of torture, religious freedom, social responsibility of businesses, access to adequate housing and food, and environmental pollution.

There are also plans to consider a number of country issues, including discussions about the human rights situation in Syria and Ukraine.

On the sidelines of the session, the Russian side together with delegations from the Vatican and Lebanon will hold a high-level conference on combating religious intolerance with an emphasis on the protection of Christians.

The Russian delegation will pursue a policy of constructive dialogue and the search for mutually acceptable solutions to key thematic issues on the Council’s agenda, while avoiding the politicisation of human rights and the use of human rights issues as a tool for political pressure.

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