16 September 201615:00

Foreign Ministry Commissioner for Human Rights, Democracy and the Rule of Law Konstantin Dolgov’s answer to a question from Interfax News Agency


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Question: How is the investigation into the killing of Russian citizen Dmitry Ganin in Estonia in 2007 proceeding?

Konstantin Dolgov: The Estonian authorities and law enforcement officials’ open negligence and bias in the case of Russian citizen Dmitry Ganin, who was killed in Tallinn in the early hours of April 27, 2007 during a demonstration in defence of the monument to the Liberator Soldier, is an outrage.

Though the individuals who attacked Dmitry Ganin have been identified, the Estonian investigation up to this point has supposedly “been unable to determine” the individual who “fatally wounded” this Russian citizen. None of the detainees have been brought to trial or been held responsible. A legal assistance request sent by the Russian Federation Investigative Committee to the Estonian Prosecutor General’s Office in October 2015 “is still being considered,” judging by the non-committal replies from Tallinn.

We believe that what the Estonian authorities, law enforcement officials and judiciary system are doing is nothing more than connivance at lawlessness and negligence. This is a gross violation of national law and Estonia’s international commitments, specifically under the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms. The drawn out length of this investigation violates investigative standards and is inconsistent with the criteria of efficiency, thoroughness and reasonable duration.

We insist that the Estonian authorities stop evading an unbiased, objective and thorough investigation into the killing of Dmitry Ganin, and take real steps to identify those involved in having committed this grave crime, and bring them to justice.

We hope that Estonian law enforcement authorities will at last begin some real cooperation with Russia’s law enforcement agencies on the basis of the bilateral legal assistance agreement now in effect in order to ensure justice and lawfulness in this case.

We call on international human rights organisations and NGOs to encourage Estonia to investigate the killing of Dmitry Ganin and bring those responsible to justice before the statute of limitations for this crime expires in April 2017, under Estonian law.

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