8 September 201613:58

Press release on the 33rd Session of the UN Human Rights Council


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On September 13, Geneva will host the 33rd Session of the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC).

The session will focus on a wide spectrum of human rights issues, including the unacceptability of using unilateral coercive measures, maintenance of the global fair democratic world order, unlawful activities by mercenaries, the fight against modern versions of slavery and enforced disappearances, enforcement of elderly people’s rights, and implementation of the right to development. An extensive package of issues will be dedicated to the rights of indigenous peoples.

A high-level discussion will be devoted to the fifth anniversary of the UN Declaration on Human Rights Education and Training. Thematic discussions will be held on opposition to violence against indigenous women and girls, integration of gender issues in the UN activities, and youth and human rights issues.

A number of country issues, including the human rights situation in Syria and Ukraine, have been planned for consideration.

The Russian delegation to the session will advocate a constructive dialogue and a search for mutually acceptable solutions to the most important topics on the council’s agenda. It will also continue to defend the principle of equitable and mutually respectful cooperation on human rights, the exclusion of human rights politicisation, and the lack of alternative to complying with the universally recognised international norms and standards. 

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