12 August 201617:15

Comment by Deputy Director of the Information and Press Department Alexander Bikantov on the annual International Religious Freedom Report by the US Department of State


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The US Department of State has again demonstrated its trademark political bias with the slanderous allegations and exaggerated grievances expressed in the section on Russia in its annual International Religious Freedom Report. Washington has consistently ignored Russia’s efforts to promote inter-religious peace and constructive coexistence of all religions, and the positive trends in this sphere. This fully applies to the situation in Crimea. A reader of the latest opus by the Department of State may get the impression that Muslims live in virtually unbearable conditions in this Russian region. But what else should be expected of a US administration that has made anti-Russian rhetoric a favourite pastime?

As always, Washington “forgot” to include a section on the United States, considering itself to be beyond criticism. The United States lectures the whole world on how to live and protect human rights, but shuts its eyes to its own serious human rights problems.

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