1 July 201611:55

Press release on re-election of Russia’s representative to the Committee on the Rights of the Child


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On June 30, participants in the 16th meeting of member-states of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child held a by-election of nine of the 18 members of the Committee on the Rights of the Child, an expert body that monitors states’ compliance with their obligations under the Convention.

Russia’s Olga Khazova, senior research fellow at the Russian Academy of Sciences Institute of State and Law, was elected for another four-year term. The acknowledgement of the Russian expert’s qualifications and professionalism by the Convention member-states and her re-election to the Committee reaffirmed Russia’s high authority in promoting and protecting children’s rights.

Russia attaches much importance to  the Committee’s activities and makes every effort to ensure an efficient functioning of this treaty body. There is no doubt that the Russian expert will continue to make a considerable contribution to the promotion of children’s rights on the international arena.

The Committee also elected representatives of Austria, Bahrain, Bulgaria, Zambia, Uruguay, Ethiopia, South Africa and Japan.

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