13 June 201610:25

Press release on the opening of the United Nations Human Rights Council 32nd session


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On June 13, the 32nd session of the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) opened in Geneva.

The session participants will discuss important issues of promoting and protecting human rights, including the fight against racism, as well as the human rights aspects of transnational corporations, extrajudicial killing, the independence of judicial systems, freedom of speech and peaceful assembly, nondiscrimination of women, protection of the rights of migrants and refugees, and the right to health and education.

Special sessions are scheduled, including on the 10th anniversary of the UNHRC, the 30th anniversary of the UN Declaration on the Right to Development, parliamentary contribution to the council’s work and the Universal Periodic Review, the promotion of women’s rights, and sports as a promotion of the rights of people with disabilities.

Several dozen resolutions and decisions are expected to be passed on a wide range of issues on the international human rights agenda.

At the 32nd session, the Russian delegation will propose a draft resolution on the arbitrary deprivation of nationality which is to eliminate obstacles in the way of the full observance of human rights that occur as a result of a nationality being arbitrarily revoked, and to prevent similar violations in the future.

The UNHRC is a key human rights body of the United Nations. We believe that equal cooperation of states based on the rule of international law and respect for sovereignty must be the main approach of the UN in human rights. At the 32nd session of the UNHRC, Russia will speak for a constructive dialogue, the search for mutually acceptable solutions to the most important problems on the council’s agenda, the prevention of political motivation behind human rights issues or the use of human rights as political leverage.

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