4 May 201617:37

Comment by Konstantin Dolgov, Russian Foreign Ministry Commissioner for Human Rights, Democracy and the Rule of Law, on the death of Russian citizen Igor Zyazin in the United States


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The information coming from the United States on the death of Russian citizen Igor Zyazin at the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement temporary detention centre in San Diego, California, raises the most serious concern. He is reported to have been detained on April 24 of this year when legally crossing the US-Mexican border.

In accordance with Article 40, item 1 of the Russian-US Consular Convention of June 1, 1964, the US authorities must immediately report on the arrest or detention of a Russian citizen on their territory. It is our understanding that this has not been done.

We demand that the US authorities notify the Russian side as soon as possible of all the circumstances of this tragic incident. They should conduct a meticulous inquiry into Zyazin’s death and fully inform the Russian side about its results.

The Russian Foreign Ministry is keeping this issue under its control.

We note that Mr Zyazin is the sixth person to die while in custody of ICE this year, which reflects the egregious record of US penitentiary institutions from the human rights perspective.

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