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4 August 201719:52

Comment by the Information and Press Department on new EU sanctions


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We deeply regret the decision by Brussels to include a number of Russian officials and companies in the EU sanctions list as a countermeasure for the allegedly “illegal” delivery of Siemens gas turbines to Crimea. We consider this Berlin-initiated step unfriendly and unfounded. It seems our German colleagues have adopted the practice of a broad interpretation of sanctions restrictions, which directly contradicts both international law and the principles of international relations as a whole.

The EU and the German Government are fully responsible for this decision, including the potential economic losses of Siemens and other German and European companies operating in Russia. We believe the reasons for introducing a new package of restrictive measures against our country are utterly far-fetched and reserve the right to take retaliatory measures.

We are disappointed by the absurd politicisation of an issue that in reality represents a business dispute between economic entities. We are also resolutely rejecting the attempts to use it as an example of the ostensibly unfair practices of Russian companies.

Despite these developments, we are affirming our interest in maintaining and steadily developing economic cooperation with Germany and the EU in general. We are committed to all of our pledges and hope to overcome jointly the negative consequences of sanctions.

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