27 March 201215:27

On the meeting of the secretary of state – Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia G.B. Karasin with ambassadors of countries of Central Asia in the Russian Federation


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26 March, the state secretary – Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia G.B. Karasin held a meeting with ambassadors of Turkmenistan H.A. Agahanow, the Republic of Kazakhstan Z.K. Turisbekov, the Kyrgyz Republic R.A. Attakurov, the Republic of Tajikistan A.S. Dostiev and the Republic of Uzbekistan Z.S. Pulathojaev, accredited in Moscow. There was a concerned exchange of opinions in respect of specific issues connected with the situation in the Central-Asian region. The condition and the nearest perspectives of bilateral relations and contacts were touched upon, particularly in the context of the twentieth anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations between our countries, which is going to be celebrated in 2012.

27 March 2012

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